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Shin guards are one the most important pieces of equipment a soccer player can wear. Not much of the body is protected in “the beautiful game,” but a person’s shin is definitely one place that better be protected. As any player will tell you, there is more contact on the soccer pitch than you might expect. And with opponents wearing cleats, you’ll want to ensure your shin is safe from the contact and rigours of the sport!

All major soccer manufacturers offer shin guard protection to their customers. And mostly all offer shin guards we sell at Xtratime Sports Soccer Locker are in the $20 range. That’s a small price to pay for keeping your shins safe from bruises, or even worse, breaks!

Even the youngest of soccer players can find a shin guard fit for the smallest of stature. All the soccer manufacturers provide an entry level shin guard. There are some called a “shin-sock” which doubles as a shin guard and soccer sock. The ease of using this type of shin guard is a great way for the youngster or soccer novice into the sport.


Nike has a great and moderately priced shin guard called the Park. It comes with a couple of Velcro straps to wrap around the leg. It retails for only $9.99.

Nike also offers its Mercurial lineup of shin guards. These are priced around the $20 mark. All of these are available in the extra small, small, medium, large and extra-large array of sizes. It provides a great value for a great shin guard.


Adidas, too, has many shin guards to consider including the Predator, Replique and Anatomical lineups.

The Anatomical has a pretty interesting design. The shin guard is split vertically and essentially is able to mold to an individual’s leg. Prices in the Anatomical lineup are between $25 and $30.


Puma also offers an anatomical design called the Momentta. It’s a great lightweight and durable shin guard in the $20 range. They are also available in all sizes.


Umbro has a wide array of shin guards as one might expect from the global soccer giant. Included in this are many shin guards designed with the youngster in mind. They are offer fantastic protection for the player from a wayward kick from a competitor. 

Special orders:

For the more advanced and competitive players, we are able to bring in, by special order, the higher end carbon-fibre shin guards. These are extremely light-weight and offer unparalled protection! They are priced in the $75 range and are available from most of the manufacturers.