Soccer Goal Keeper Gloves in Saskatoon

Outiftting a goal keeper properly is very important. At Xtratime Sports Soccer Locker, we have everything a keeper needs, including the proper gloves. Without a doubt, we have the largest selection of keeper gloves in the province. There really is no need to go online to purchase gloves because there is a really good chance we will it in stock already.

Many people don’t realize we have a second floor at the store. That’s where we have a full line of gloves and other assorted necessities for keepers. There are literally hundreds of gloves to examine and choose from on our wall upstairs. Drop by and have a look.


Adidas has a full lineup and wide variety of keeper gloves. For the beginner keeper, mostly youngsters just getting into soccer, they have a wonderful glove that provides the feel and protection they will need to play the position.  Sizes in the Predator line of gloves begins at Size 4 and goes up from there. And they are easy to slide on and off, a task that can be a little more cumbersome with some of the larger gloves. The smaller gloves give the young keeper and chance to experience the game from a new perspective. The Junior Predator gloves start at $20.

There are many levels of gloves available through the Predator lineup and the price gradually increases as the quality of glove increases -- but not substantially. For instance, the Junior Predator Fingersave lineup is priced at $39.99, but offers much better protection for young keepers. The fingers in these gloves come with “spines,” or fingersaves. This decreases the chance of finger injuries from a keeper getting their hands while making a save from a shot on net. The quality goes up significantly for the higher end gloves of the Predator series. The neoprene construction and quality stitching provides a world-class glove for any keeper. 

Nike products also run the gamut from entry-level gloves to high-end construction in their comprehensive lineup. The Junior Grip and Classic lines provide a low-cost glove for any age of keeper. Gloves with “spines” appear in the $39.99 price range. Incrementally, the quality and price goes up topping out with the Vapor line of keeper gloves. These high-end gloves feature the best construction and protection Nike can offer. Take a look at some of the world’s best keepers and you’ll find the Nike Swoosh on their gloves.

UhlSport, the German manufacturer of goal keeper products also has an extensive stable of gloves. Most of the gloves Xtratime Sports Soccer Locker carries are in the $100 to $200 range. Craftsmanship is evident when looking at UhlSport gloves.

Puma and Umbro also carry high-quality gloves. The store always has products available from both companies. And again, we have gloves for any age and any level of competitor. We even have goal keepers on staff here and they can answer any questions you might have. Just ask!