We have the Soccer Balls you are looking for Saskatoon!

Of course, soccer can’t be played with a ball. And because of  that, we take that part of the game very seriously. We carry all the major manufacturers of balls including Adidas, Nike, Umbro, UhlSport, Puma and Sporteck. And we just carry one type of ball from those major players in the game of soccer. 


From Adidas, we have high-end game balls such as the World Cup match game ball, the Brazuca, as well as the proven 11 Top, Pasadena and Rosario.

Of course, we still carry the Glider, which has been a standout for Adidas as a training ball.

From Nike, we carry the Incyte, their top-end match ball. You’ll find this ball played at the Barclays league in England.

We do carry a full line of styles and colours throughout the Nike stable of balls.

Umbro is a major player globally and we carry many of their lines. A high-end match ball can be found in the Laminar.

Puma also offers tremendous value in game and training balls. The PowerCat 6 series of balls are a quality product that can be found on soccer pitches across our province. It’s a solid ball that’s developed a great reputation.

We’ve started bringing in balls from the German soccer manufacturer, UhlSport. And we have had nothing but positive feedback on the European design utilized.

UhlSport was originally a company that provided high-quality goal keepers’ equipment with pads and gloves, but has branched out in all areas of the game. The balls found under the UhlSport name are being recognized as a high-quality product.


Futsal, originally from South America, is gaining traction here in Saskatchewan. It’s a highly entertaining game that really shows off a player’s ball control.

UhlSport also offers a great futsal ball, called the Medusa Sala. 

Sporteck also offers a great match/training futsal ball called the Madrid. These balls retail for $39.99.

All futsal balls are Size 4.


For indoor players on hard-court surfaces, we carry felt-covered balls from Puma and Sporteck. These balls are priced around the $35 mark.


Ball prices are surprisingly affordable. And, of course, the more balls bought, the lower the price falls.

The high-end balls such as the Adidas Brazuca World Cup match ball and the Nike Incyte, are priced at $150. That’s the highest price of ball available. But remember, you get what you pay for. There is not a better ball on the planet!

When you drop tiers for Adidas balls, so does the price. The 11 Top is $99.99 while the Pasadena is $59.99 and the Rosario is $39.99. Gliders can be found around the $25 price.

For younger soccer players, we also carry full lines of smaller balls – both Size 4 and Size 3. And of course, they are still with all the major brands.

But no matter what level of soccer player you are, we can find the right ball for your game. 

Just ask. We are here to help!